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Getting started

Discover the ‘job-to-invoice’ process by creating your first job, client and invoice (plus a look at one of the most useful reports in!)
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Working with matches

Discover how to work with CAT tools in so you can include the match categories in your jobs and invoices.
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Tracking your time

Discover how to use the time tracking functionality in, to know your performance (how much you translate in an hour) or to invoice your client based on the time you spent on the job.
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Outsourcing a job to a supplier

Discover how to use the outsourcing module in and manage your suppliers.

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Creating and managing quotes

Discover how to create a quote and how to make sure you don’t lose track of it, even if you created it a long time ago.
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Creating and managing groups of jobs

Discover how to create ‘projects’ containing several jobs and how to manage them to work even more efficiently and keep a clear view on your work.
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Managing your expenses

Discover how to easily create and manage expenses (general expenses and outsourcing expenses).
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