Creating and managing groups of jobs
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Creating and managing groups of jobs


Discover how to create ‘projects’ containing several jobs and how to manage them to work even more efficiently and keep a clear view on your work.

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Know the difference between jobs at the same level and dependencies. You will also learn how to duplicate a job and add it to a group.
  • See the details of a group, mark a job as non-billable if it should not be invoiced to the client and define/manage a budget for a group.
  • Add a job to a group, remove a job from a group, change the status of a job in a group, edit the name and colour of a group.
  • Outsource the jobs of a group to one or more suppliers and see your margin.
  • Invoice all the jobs of a group at once and filter these jobs in the list of jobs.
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