Outsourcing a job to a supplier
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Outsourcing a job to a supplier


Discover how to use the outsourcing module in LSP.expert and manage your suppliers.

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Choose a supplier in your list of suppliers or create a new supplier and define a rate for him/her.
  • See the margin of a job after outsourcing it and change the due date of the outsourcing.
  • Create a purchase order for a supplier and add/edit details in it. You will also learn how to generate a PDF file of the purchase order, how to send it to the supplier by email and how to track the status of an email you sent with LSP.expert.
  • Mark an outsourcing as finished when a supplier sends the job back and create an expense for the outsourcing.
  • Rate your suppliers, add notes or files to their profile, add/delete/edit services and define periods of unavailability for a supplier.
  • Use the Expenses by supplier report, the Jobs by supplier report and the Profit and loss report.
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