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5 reasons why finding your niche boosts your business

We get it. It seems counter-intuitive that you’ll get more from (technically) doing less. But when you find a niche and stick to it, that’s exactly what can happen.

We’re going to give you 5 reasons why finding a niche for your translation business is a good thing, and why it feeds into that holy grail of freelancing - working smarter not harder.

But first, it’s important to mention that we know it’s scary. Often, at the beginning of their translation career, freelancers fall into the trap of trying to be all things to all people. Of tackling all types of projects, with all kinds of clients.

In the same way that we think the early bird gets the worm, we seem to feel that the “everything bird” gets all the worms. We worry that by having a narrow focus, we will deplete our potential client base, so we keep running around that hamster wheel.

No more!

Let’s get clear on why you should do the opposite. Why you should swim away from the masses.

Reason Number 1: It’s fun.

Yes. That is the Number 1 reason why you should. Your freelancing career should be fun. It’s much more fun to work on a subject you’re enthusiastic about, with clients you love, then trying to squeeze your round-peg-like specialism into a square-shaped hole. Embrace the fun - make it your priority.

Reason Number 2: You’ll stand out from the crowd

This is a good thing. You don’t want to be just another freelancer swimming in a sea of sameness. By setting yourself apart, whether that’s through your specialist subject matter, or the type of projects you undertake, you’ll become a reference point in your field.

You can further cement this by becoming active on your specific scene - that might be through giving talks and presentations, writing articles or contributing to pieces in the press. Once you start to establish yourself, you’ll find that marketing gets easier too. Putting yourself out there and being visible means you can benefit from the inbound traffic that your hard work results in. Win win!

Reason Number 3: You’ll make more money

Whether money is one of your motivators or not, you need it to survive and keep the wolves from the door.

Your expertise has value. Clients see the benefit of working with someone who knows their subject inside out. And most clients want to pay for that sort of service.

It’s a good idea to adapt your rates to reflect this - on LSP.expert you can set rates according to the services you provide and the clients you provide them for. Finding your niche can be a scary step, so at least having your rates set takes the pain out of the payment part!

Reason Number 4: You’ll be more productive

You know that saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun”? Well, it’s also true for finding your niche. By working on subjects and projects you love, you’ll find your productivity goes through the roof.

You’ll need to spend less time on research, and the research you do engage in will be a pleasure.

Reason Number 5: Your marketing strategy will be more effective

Finding your niche and knowing them inside out means you know your audience, their needs and their interests.

Why does this help?

It means it’s easier for you to show them how and why working with you can accelerate their business and increase their revenue...something clients are always interested in.

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