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"Hello! Still here!" 5 tips for (subtle) client communication

With so many options to be social, we know that staying in touch with clients should be a piece of (Instagrammed) cake. But the truth is that all of these channels distract us, and sometimes connection becomes more difficult, given the sheer number of touch points we need to keep up with.

When it comes to our clients, their attention is being pulled in just as many directions.

Which is bad news for you, when you want to stay at the top of their list.

In such a busy and competitive world, it can therefore be easy to get forgotten, so we thought we'd put together our 5 top tips to help you give your clients the nudge they need - reminding them that you care about them and their success.

Be a stalker

Everyone likes it when their efforts and achievements are noticed. Your clients are no different. Make it your business to keep track of their company and its growth; noting their achievements, successes and big wins - even going so far as to check out their clients' triumphs.

When you come across them, send a short note congratulating them - they'll really appreciate it and it will keep you front of mind when new projects come up.

Be useful

Being a translator means that you have to do a lot of research. Whether it's for specific projects or for your ongoing CPD, you'll be bookmarking a lot of articles, reading a lot of books and listening to a plethora of podcasts.

Sharing your findings with your clients, when it's something that could benefit them or their business, will demonstrate your willingness to help and your expertise. This might even mean referring a colleague to them who works in a language pair they might need. Always pair these recommendations and referrals with a personal note.

Bonus brownie point: If it's an extra special client, consider creating or collaborating with them on some content.

Be communicative

Whether it's a new (relevant) skill you've learnt, experience you gained, a new tool to make your collaboration easier or an important change regarding your availability, make sure you tell them!

Two things clients always care about are working with people who are reliable and who strive to make their lives easier - communicating with them on a regular basis will show that these are your priorities too.

Be thoughtful

Sending them a little note to wish them well and mention that it's a pleasure to work with them will always be well-received. Timing these notes so they coincide with special occasions or holidays in their country will show you pay attention and are culturally tuned in.

Whether you stick to digital or go old school and send them a note via snail mail, your clients will appreciate the gesture.

How a CRM can help

For any of the ideas we've shared, it's a good idea to keep track of your communications and your clients' preferences, so that when you get in touch, you can easily see your last contact and double check their information and idiosyncrasies.

LSP.expert's CRM system allows you to keep track of your clients centrally, adding these sorts of useful notes to keep you on top of things.

By being open, helpful, thoughtful and communicative you not only ensure that you stay at the top of their list, but you also foster a real feeling of camaraderie and collaboration.

You want your clients to feel that you are an essential extension of their team - our tips should make sure you're more than halfway there. Maintaining a good client relationship can be incredibly useful and genuinely exciting if you do it for the right clients. To help you further, we dedicated an entire article to what you should look for in a client...you can read it here.

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