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Track your daily work

As a translator working alone or in a team, you probably have a lot of jobs to manage with short deadlines, directives from the client, matches defined by CAT tools, reference files, etc. helps you manage all that in minutes.

Create invoices

With, you can create clear invoices with your own logo, terms, footer, etc. When you’re ready to bill your client, you can send your invoice by email, download a PDF file of it or print it. All of this in just a few clicks.

Outsource jobs

Whether you’re a freelance translator working with a network of other freelancers or a translation agency, allows you to outsource jobs to suppliers and manage your suppliers, their services, their availability, etc.

Create quotes

A client asks for a quote? allows you to generate this kind of documents in no time. You can also customize your quotes with your own logo, terms, footer, etc. and easily keep track of them.

Manage your expenses

Whether you have general expenses (software, books, fuel, phone, Internet, etc.) and/or outsourcing expenses, all of them can be entered and managed in

Generate reports

In, there are many reports that will help you get a clear overview of your activity. Profitability, performance, sales, turnover, taxes, expenses, exchange rates… You will know everything!

Be more productive and digital
Save time
Manage all the administrative part of your job in a few clicks
Avoid mistakes
All the calculations (CAT prices, VAT, discounts, etc.) are done for you automatically
Have a clear overview of your numbers
We offer many reports to help you keep track of every aspect of your activity

Happy users


Allison Klein @transl8tr

One step closer to ditching the VM on my Mac machines - trialling #LSPExpert now and loving it so far! And the people at this company have been amazing with their help even though I'm not a customer yet. Color me impressed @LSP_expert!!

Jo Rourke @Jo_SilverT

I finally got round to trying! Here's my review (plus a nice 15% discount for readers) #xl8 #t9n

Martina@MovingWords @mrMovingWords

#xl8 and #1nt folks in my network, I just have one word for you: @LSP_EXPERT. The software looks like something you'll actually ENJOY using, and their customer support is stellar – a rarity, these days! If you're looking to step up your accounting game:

Nicky Wijns @Nicky_Litterate

How to transform your administrative activities into an exciting adventure? By using a new invoice system, such as!#freelance #xl8

Eva Lena @evalena_volna

@Jo_SilverT @LSP_expert 140 characters are not enough to express my enthusiasm about

Emeline Jamoul @EmelineJamoul

@LSP_expert revolutionized my business - Read my story on @OpenMicXL8

MDP Translations @mdptranslations

Can't even state how happy I am with my new invoicing programme ( @LSP_expert ) Amazing job!

Nancy Matis @nancy_matis

Very simple tool to use for managing translation tasks ;-) @LSP_expert

We Translate @wetranslate_com

This right here, is a great tool for our translators! Feel free to check it out 😁 #translator #wetranslate

The Translators @mrsdivicom

@andricsek I use and have a pretty streamlined setup. Project management is real. :)

Veronique Doggen @writtenindutch

Couldn't agree more! I started using @LSP_expert last year and I love it. Both project management and accounting now take up a lot less time than before. In my opinion, is perfect for #freelance writers and translators!

Ivana Calciano @ivytaly

I rarely praise tools publicly. But since one week I’ve been using the new profitability feature included in just another awesome feature added to an already awesome tool! Thank you @LSP_expert you’re really doing a great job! #xl8 #translatorstools

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