5 ways to spring-clean your business as a translator
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5 ways to spring-clean your business as a translator

It’s that time of year. Buds are sprouting all over the place, the days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger and we’re getting ready to put the winter behind us.

(At least, we are in the northern hemisphere! For those of you down south, don’t worry, you can do a spring clean at any time of year you like.)

We don’t know about you, but when the seasons start to change we always feel an irresistible urge to open up the windows, let the fresh air in and get everything clean and tidy.

Because the spring sunlight means we can suddenly see dirt we hadn’t even noticed was accumulating.

But as well as spring cleaning the house, we also like to take advantage of the energy boost that comes at this time of year to give our businesses a good clear out too.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to get your business all clean and shiny, ready to make some fantastic progress in Q2?

Here are four ways you can make your translation business feel like new.

1. Spring clean your workspace

So this involves some cleaning in the literal sense of the word.

Take some time to get your office, or wherever you work, nice and clean and tidy. Get rid of anything you don’t need, and make sure it’s not too cluttered.

Tidy workspace, tidy mind, tidy business.

Open up those drawers where you dump things and get any important papers filed in the right place.

If there are any papers you don’t need any more, then their place is in the recycling bin. Don’t be tempted to hoard.

Once it’s all nice and neat and sparkling, take a look around. How does the space make you feel?

If it’s uninspiring, maybe it’s time to add a bit of artwork or a desk plant, or both!

2. Organise your files and improve your digital footprint

Now your office is looking good and your physical files are well organised, turn your attention to your digital ones.

Get your folders cleaned up and in logical places, so it’s quick and easy to find what you need when you need it.

We’re sure there are huge numbers of files you don’t need anymore lurking on your computer or in the cloud. And all that unnecessary storage increases your digital carbon footprint.

If you’ve got a lot of files on apps like Canva, clean those out too. Delete copies of the social media posts you’re never going to use again.

All this might sound like a faff, but it’s immensely satisfying once it’s done. You’ll be surprised by how liberating it can be to have a digital clearout.

3. Review your clients and raise your rates

Let’s move into more metaphorical cleaning territory and spend some time sorting through your collection of clients.

Make a list of all your clients, and think about each of them in turn.

Do they pay well? Does your per word rate work out at a good hourly rate?

If you use LSP.expert, dive into your reports to find out - you might be wrong about who’s actually paying you the most for your time.

Do you enjoy the work you do for them? Do you look forward to their emails? Do they have realistic expectations? Do they give good feedback?

Consider all the things that are most important to YOU in your clients. And be honest with yourself about which of your clients tick all (or most of) your boxes and which just aren’t working out.

Is it time to break up with a client? Could you refer them on to another freelancer? Or would you be happy to keep working with them at a higher rate?

Listen to your gut and decide on how you’re going to move forward from here, and stick to those decisions!

Send those emails informing them (not asking them) that your rates have gone up, or letting them know you’re moving on to pastures new.

Oh, and whilst you’re at it, remember to ask any clients that haven’t given you one before for a testimonial.

4. Invest in outsourcing

It’s time to take a look at your to-do list. Could that do with a spring clean too?

If there are any small things you’re perfectly capable of doing yourself, just haven’t got around to, then now’s the time. As soon as they’re done you’ll wonder why you procrastinated for so long.

But if there’s anything bigger on there, then it might be time to consider outsourcing.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to rewrite your website copy or LinkedIn profile. Why not work with a copywriter?

Perhaps you’ve been spending endless amounts of time creating your own graphics for social media on Canva. Why not turn to a graphic designer?

Perhaps you’ve been putting off doing your tax return and spending hours trying to make numbers make sense. Why not find yourself an accountant?

Perhaps you’ve been doing battle with WordPress trying to make your website look a certain way, and not quite hitting the nail on the head. Why not let a web designer clean everything up in a flash?

Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it on things that another talented freelancer could do better than you, and far, far more quickly. If you want your business to thrive, then it’s important to invest in it.

Get those big things ticked off your to-do list and free up your time to focus on the things you’re best at.

5. Tweak your website and social media profiles

Last but not least, it’s time to do an audit of your online presence.

Look at your bios on each of your social media profiles.

  • ✔️Do they still reflect who you are?
  • ✔️Are your services up to date?
  • ✔️Do they make it clear exactly what you do?

Give them a refresh for Q2.

If you have a website, take some time to have a proper look at it.

  • ✔️Does it do you justice?
  • ✔️Is all the information up to date?
  • ✔️Is it consistent with the content you post on social media?

You might be able to make some changes yourself, but you also might decide that it’s time to speak to a copywriter or web designer, as we suggested above.

Having an online presence you can be proud of will give you a real boost and help you feel more confident about putting yourself out there.

With an office, files, clients, to-do list and online presence that are all sparkling clean, you’re freeing yourself up to work towards success on your own terms for the rest of the year.

And of course, LSP.expert is always here to help you keep your business ducks firmly in a row no matter what season it is.

Give our 30-day free trial a go and see for yourself how it can help you keep your business organised and your head straight.


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