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What to include on your freelance translator website

Every freelance translator needs a decent website.

Creating a website will mean investing plenty of both time and money, and can feel like it’s an unnecessary hassle, especially when you’re first starting out.

But if you want to build a professional image and attract new clients, then having an online home for your business is non-negotiable.

Perhaps you’re relatively new to the freelance translation game and have never had a website before.

Or perhaps your current website is outdated or no longer reflects the services you have to offer or the niches you specialise in.

Either way, putting the effort into creating a site you feel proud of will always be worth it.


How to guide your clients to write the perfect translation brief

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4 places to find freelance translation jobs

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Growth mindset: how to get into a mindset that can transform your business

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Top 5 Tools for Translators: the Essentials

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In the world of translation there’s nothing better than developing a lasting, trusting relationship with a client, is there?

In the world of translation there’s nothing better than developing a lasting, ...


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How This Brussels-Based Freelance Translator Organises Her Business

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Data-Driven Surprise: What This Translator Learned By Tracking Her Hours

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How Emeline Jamoul Went From Freelancer to Translation Agency

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How Melany Went From In-House to Freelance Translator and Intentionally Exceeded Her Monthly Salary

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or some, they start at another job entirely...


4 Finance Documents Every Freelance Translator Needs

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3 Calculations Every Freelance Translator Should Make On A Yearly Basis

As we enter the last quarter of the year, one of the ways we can reflect on the year that passed and what’s to come is by crunching some numbers.


Yes, you can earn the same amount of money when you work less

The maths seem to make sense when you add it all up.
More time, more words, more money...right?


Scaling your Translation Business: What’s it All About?

You may have heard about translators scaling their businesses. What does scaling mean, and how can you do it?
Scaling means to grow your business without you being a bottleneck.


How To Stop Getting Bad Translation Clients Once And For All

We’ve all heard the horror stories.
Many of us have been victims of the said horror stories.


Why Translators Should Collaborate - Not Compete - With One Another

“But they’ll steal my clients”
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Ways Translators Can Diversify Their Income

Diversifying your income is the proverbial additional baskets to put your eggs in.
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Super Busy? That Might Not Be a Good Thing

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Is the answer we normally give or receive when someone asks “how have you been?”


6 Things We Wish We Knew When We Started Translation

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3 Useful Ways for Translators to Handle a Slow Month

You were riding that wave for a while, freelance translator.
The feast wave.
All of a sudden, you get loads of work. Everyone wants you to translate for them.


The 2 Non-Translation Skills That Translators Need to Learn

When you go to study translation, most of us learn about the theoretical side of translation (formal or dynamic equivalence sprinkled with some Nida and Pym), and we get our hands dirty with some ...


Ideal client analysis with

couple of months ago we published an article on finding your ideal clients. Since then we got to thinking: What about an article on how you can actually use ...

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

Using testimonials to grow your business

Who doesn’t love to hear that they're amazing? By their very nature, testimonials are full of praise. But besides cheering us up, client feedback in the ...

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

5 reasons why finding your niche boosts your business

We get it. It seems counter-intuitive that you’ll get more from (technically) doing less. But when you find a niche and stick to it, that’s exactly what can happen.

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

Measure and increase your performance in 5 questions

So, you chose to gain control of your time and started using a time tracking tool, possibly one that allows you to record billable hours. Good for you!

By Eleonora Angelici

Why I deleted your email

Your email happened to arrive just as I finished my first cup of tea: the best time of the day to contact me. But despite the favourable conditions and your unmistakable keenness ...

By Dr Jonathan Downie

"Hello! Still here!" 5 tips for (subtle) client communication

With so many options to be social, we know that staying in touch with clients should be a piece of (Instagrammed) cake. But the truth is that all of these channels ...

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

Why you should use a time tracking tool for your business

If you can recall exactly the last time you said 'If only there were 36 hours in a day' or 'I'll save this for the weekend', and if you are reading this in spite of the fact that ...

By Eleonora Angelici

No-drama downtime - how to enjoy the quiet times

For "regular" people, who are employed by someone else, a quiet time of the year at work is something to be celebrated. It's a time when they can take longer lunches, ...

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

Pitching masterclass for (nervous) translators

Writing pitches to potential clients is nerve wracking! Contacting someone you don't know, but making them feel like you do know them, is pretty tricky.

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

How teaming up with colleagues could turn around your business

Gone are the days when we viewed colleagues as competition. Now, collaboration is the name of the game. In fact, colleagues are the new clients.

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

The introvert's guide to pre-conference networking

For those of us who are used to living the solitary freelancer-hiding-behind-their-laptop life, the thought of in-person networking can seem pretty daunting.

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

Central systems in modern working: a future-proof match

Collaboration, flexibility, promptness are essential to the way we work today and central systems can go a long way to help us stay ahead of the game.

By Laura Cattaneo

Why you need to set a minimum rate (and then an ideal one)

There's no doubt that deciding your rate is tricky. There are many factors to take into consideration, and anyway, having one single rate for all clients and all projects ...

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

5 productivity pointers to boost your translation business

How productive are you? Are you uber-focused on the task at hand, or do you find yourself flitting from one thing to another...and forgetting where you started?

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

How to (finally) figure out your ideal clients

Everywhere you look online, there are guides and how-to posts on defining and finding your ideal client. It can get pretty overwhelming. In this post, we're not going to talk about ...

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke

How to use systems to boost your translation business

Feeling like you have too many tasks for your head space is not pleasant. Yes, it's great to be busy, but if you're not in control of start and finish dates, responses or project ...

By Eva Lena Vermeersch and Jo Rourke
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